Why Homeowners Love Wooden Windows

26 October 2017
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When it comes to redoing your windows, there are a number of great modern products to choose from. That is, synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass are becoming more and more popular in the construction of window frames. These products definitely have advantages over traditional materials like wood. However, with the advances in synthetic window technology, wooden windows have also become much better. This article looks at modern wooden windows and explains why you should not rule them out.

Wood Needs a Little More Upkeep

First of all, it is important to admit that wooden windows may require more maintenance than synthetic products do. Wood is a natural product that is always going to be susceptible to water damage, fading, warping, moss growth, and termite infestations. Basically, wood just need a little more TLC over the years. In reality, as long as your wood remains sealed and protected from the elements, it should be fine. Wooden windows only need to be refinished once or twice over the course of their lifespan. This time frame really depends on where you live, how you use your windows, and how much moisture and sunlight they receive. Some windows in your house will need more maintenance than others will.

Modern Wood Windows

Despite this, wood can still be great product. Many modern wood windows have fiberglass frames for extra insulation and better operation. The actual tracks on movable windows are made out of smooth synthetic materials like fiberglass or metal. This means they are easier to operate. You cannot actually tell that the window is not 100% wood when looking at it. Only when you look close, within the tracks, will you notice the synthetic core.

Wood Can be Customized

Homeowners also love the fact that wood is a product that is easily customized. You cannot repaint or restain synthetic materials like fiberglass or vinyl. However, wood can easily be painted a solid color or stained with a tinted finish. This is a major factor if you are a homeowner who is constantly changing the color schemes in your house. It also enables you to paint the inside and outside of your windows a different color.

In the end, wood might require a little more maintenance, but it is definitely worth it if you like the style. Since other products are even made with fake with prints, it is easy to see why some homeowners skip these and go directly for the real thing. For more information, talk to companies like The Screen Shop Inc.