Common Reasons Why An Automatic Door Might Close On Its Own

11 February 2020
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Automatic doors offer a great deal of convenience to the customers that flow in and out of your business. However, this convenience turns into chaos when the door no longer operates correctly, and instead, seems to close on its own. Several issues can cause an automatic door to open on its own, but the pool of possibilities is much smaller when it comes to a door that keeps closing. Here are two common reasons why this problem occurs. 

Electric Eye Beam Failure

When you walk up to an automatic door and it opens, it's not magic. This action is the result of a properly working electric eye beam. However, when this feature is not working, not only is it possible to experience problems with a door that won't open correctly, you can also experience issues with the closing of the door. 

The reason for this issue has to do with the fact that the electric eye beam is designed to detect when there is an object in the path of the door. When an object is detected, the beam sends a signal that prevents the door from closing. Consequently, if the beam is not properly detecting an object, the door will force closed. 

You should first verify that the beam is positioned correctly to ensure that the view of the door is in its path. If the beam is positioned properly, you should seek repairs. 

Timing Mechanism Problem

Each automatic door system is equipped with a feature known as a timing mechanism. The timing mechanism works as a follow up to the electric eye beam, or sensor, that activates the opening phase of the doors' operation. Once the door is open, the timing mechanism triggers and sets a sort of timer for closing the door, such as 20 seconds. 

After the period expires, the automatic door closes and activates again once the door is opened. Naturally, if there is a problem with the timing mechanism, the door can stay open for too long, or it could close too quickly — and even close while someone is in the door's path. 

To repair this issue, it's best to first ensure the mechanism doesn't just need to be adjusted. However, if an adjustment doesn't correct the problem, the entire mechanism might need to be repaired or replaced. 

An issue with an automatic door that closes is a serious problem that is more than a simple nuisance — it's a safety issue. If you experience this issue at your business, it's imperative to contact an automatic door repair professional at your earliest convenience.