Four Ways To Minimize Stains On Your Glass Shower Door

28 October 2020
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The modern and open design that glass shower doors offer a bathroom cannot be beaten. However, with every good thing, there are drawbacks. With glass shower doors, a large concern is staining. Over time, water, scum, and mildew stains can leave visible marks on the door that cause the shower to look unclean and the door to look old. Fortunately, there is a way to combat these stains.

Seal At Install

If you want to get ahead of this problem, you should speak to the installer about sealing the door at installation. Sealing adds a barrier that helps protect the glass from staining. As a result, hard water and other stains rest on the barrier, not the actual glass. It is much easier to clean and remove these stains from the barrier than it is the glass. Not only will sealing the shower door make cleaning easier, but this can also help preserve it. 

Turn On The Vent

Turn on the bathroom vent whenever you take a shower to ensure proper ventilation. If you do not turn the vent on, moisture from the shower will buildup in the bathroom. For the glass shower door, more moisture means the door will remain wet for a longer period. If you have hard water, the longer the water rest on the glass, the more likely it is to cause deep stains. The vent helps circulate moisture out faster.

Clean Daily

Clean the shower at the end of each day. You do not necessarily have to spend an hour scrubbing the shower, but you should at least apply a daily cleaning solution. These daily solutions work to remove hard water stains and soap scum from the glass before they have the opportunity to settle and become hard-to-remove stains. If you prefer a non-chemical approach, you can achieve the same effect by wiping the glass down with a clean towel.

Invest In A Frameless Door

Upgrading your glass door to a frameless door can also help combat stains. With framed doors, soap scum, mildew, and even mold can settle around the frame's edge, and unfortunately, it can be impossible to remove these embedded stains. Frameless doors do not offer the same crevices and hiding places for these stains to rest. Instead, you have a smooth and easily accessible glass surface from top-to-bottom. An installer can help you make the switch.

For more information, contact a shower door service.