Common Commercial Storefront Door Issues

26 September 2022
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The storefront door is one of the most important parts of your building as it will be the part that individuals will interact with each time they visit your company. Due to the importance of the storefront door, you should be particularly mindful to ensure that any problems that it may experience are quickly addressed.

Replacing Damaged Storefront Glass

Many storefront doors will incorporate glass in them. This glass will be designed to be strong enough to resist being damaged by routine impacts. However, it is still possible for the glass to suffer significant problems that could severely damage it. If the glass in your storefront door suffers significant damage, it could create a negative impression for your customers, and it will also potentially create structural weak points in the door. In order to avoid these problems, any chips or cracks in the door should be repaired promptly. When damage is deep or large, the most viable repair could be replacing the damaged pane of glass.

Adjusting Failing Hinges

The hinges for the doors will be another important part that can be prone to failure. If the hinges become warped, loose, or corroded, they could suffer significant performance issues that could make it much harder to open the door or securely close it. Unfortunately, hinge problems can be extremely common due to the frequency that the storefront door will be used. If you are noticing that the hinges for your garage door are starting to suffer these problems, prompt repairs can be completed by a commercial storefront door repair service. In addition to ensuring that the building remains easily accessible, repairing these issues may also prevent the door or the floors from being damaged due to the door dragging across them.

Repairing Faulty Opening Systems

To make the building as accessible as possible, it is common for business leaders to install automatic opening systems. This can make the door far more accessible to those with mobility problems, and it can also reduce the wear on the door by preventing individuals from closing or opening the door with too much force. While reliable, these opening systems can suffer failures that may stop them from operating the door. One example of this could be alignment problems that are causing significant warping of the motors for the opening system. Additionally, degraded lubrication could also impair the doors. When these issues are developing with your facility's automated door systems, prompt repairs may be able to minimize the risk of this component needing to be replaced.

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