Sectional Vs. Rolling Overhead Doors: Pros And Cons

27 January 2023
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When you need to install a new overhead door on your home, there are several options available. Two of the most popular are sectional doors—the kind most often used in residential applications—and rolling doors—the type most likely to be found in industrial settings. Here are the pros and cons of choosing sectional doors over rolling doors.


Better Residential Aesthetic

The most obvious advantage of sectional doors over rolling overhead doors is the aesthetic appeal. Although it's not unheard of for a home to have a rolling door, sectional doors have a much more residential aesthetic. Industrial settings like factories, storage units, warehouses, and sheds are more likely to feature the rolling door.

Easier to Clean

Because sectional doors have larger metal panels and rolling doors are one large panel of pleated steel, they are much easier to clean. There are fewer pleats and areas where dirt can catch and stay embedded in the door. Sectional doors can be easily wiped down with a cloth and liquid soap mixture. While both doors can be power washed on a low setting so as not to peel off any paint, roller doors take longer to clean even with a power washer because of their many nooks and crevices.


Sectional doors tend to be more cost-effective in general than rolling doors when comparing doors of a similar size and quality.

Door Features

Because sectional doors remain in one piece even after being lifted, it's easy to add features like windows, insulation, and even swinging doors to the unit. This isn't an option with rolling doors because the entire door rolls up when opened.


Mounting Options

Sectional doors can only be mounted overhead requiring ceiling or roof support. Rolling doors can be side or overhead-mounted. If space is limited, a rolling door can provide more versatility for mounting, especially when overhead space is limited.

More Space Required

Because mounting options are limited, sectional doors require a larger amount of overhead space than rolling doors. If there are any ceiling-mounted features like HVAC vents or shelving in the garage, it may be difficult to mount a sectional door.

More Maintenance

Sectional doors have more mechanical components than rolling doors and that translates to more maintenance. Additionally, the mechanical components of sectional doors are less hardy than rolling doors. This is one reason rolling doors are more popular in industrial settings where dust, dirt, grime, and heavy machinery are more likely to be present.

To learn more, contact an overhead door replacement service in your area.