How To Clean Glass Shower Doors Without Scratching Them

17 June 2019
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Glass shower doors can be very elegant, decorative, and attractive if you select a style that works with your bathroom décor. However, glass doors can be easily scratched or etched. It does not take much to quickly mar a glass shower door. Here is how to clean these doors, and any other glass surrounding your shower, without scratching or etching them by accident. 

Avoid Scratchy Sponges and Steel Wool

The scratchy, scrubby sides of sponges, when pressed up against the glass and consistently rubbed too hard, will eventually lead to scratching. Steel wool is the fastest way to scratch glass. Even though both of these will quickly remove a thick layer of soap scum, they will damage the glass. Use baking soda as a scrubbing agent, making it into a paste with a little water, and using a toothbrush to cover the glass with the paste. Then use vinegar or peroxide to create a chemical reaction that will activate the baking soda and remove the soap scum without scratching the glass. 

Avoid Undiluted Bleach

Pure bleach may kill all of the bacteria in your shower, as well as any mold and mildew. However, it will also eat away the protective finish that is often applied to glass shower doors. To protect the doors, use a glass cleaner that is less corrosive but still effective against bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. Ammonia is recommended for cleaning glass, and as long as you are willing to quickly wipe down the glass after spritzing the ammonia onto it, then your cleaning will be both effective and non-damaging.

Use a Chamois Instead of Any Other Cloth Material

A chamois is a very smooth cloth that is regularly used to polish cars. It cannot and will not mar, scratch, or etch the surface of anything polished, clear-coat finished, and/or glass. It is the perfect choice in cleaning cloths for cleaning your shower glass. Invest in a couple of them so that you can wash the dirty ones and still have an extra to clean the shower. Paper towel, cloth rags, and even shop rags should not touch the delicate balance that is your shower glass. 

If Scratches or Etching Does Occur...

In the event that you do end up with a scratch or some etching on the door or other shower glass, you can call for a glass repair specialist. The technician knows how to fill in the scratch with a repair acrylic and buff it smooth. It ends up looking like it was never damaged. 

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